JVA Advisory Board Members

JVA Partners enables its portfolio companies to leverage a team of “All-Star” executive advisors. We call it our Alpha Executive Board® program. The Alpha Executive Board® program comprises dozens of well-respected and proven industry veterans with deep experience operating in the industries of our portfolio companies. These veterans bring their industry “know-how” to our portfolio, helping to accelerate your success.

Our Advisors

  • Fritz Hirsch
  • Nick Hunn
  • Chuck McKenna
  • George Papaioannou
  • Bruce Vojak

Purpose of Board: Leadership

An executive board is designed to function as a mechanism for an extraordinary corporate change that surpasses the typical management of the business and challenges the entire business team with highly aggressive goals. Such goals are typically driven by business owner needs for transitioning responsibilities and control, but more importantly, relate to the need for making the company more valuable in the marketplace.

The company’s enhanced management capability and marketplace positioning creates opportunities to play a leadership role in a merger/acquisition strategy.

  • Brings and shares the appropriate experience required for the accomplishment of the ultimate RVC goal
  • Delivers specialized value-added expertise and problem-solving resources
  • Ensures balance between executive management staff and independent advisers
  • Provides active involvement in the planning and implementation process
  • Enforces the rapid transformation enablers and the value path
  • Transfers knowledge salient to the RCV methodology
  • Challenges the entire process and provides enterprise leadership Inspires and motivates personal and professional growth

Mission of Board: Enforcing Rapid Value Creation

The ultimate purpose of the Alpha Executive Board® is to oversee the execution of rapid value creation through the facilitation of rapid strategy formulation and implementation, and to provide leadership throughout the enterprise transformation process.

The Alpha Executive Board® acts as a vehicle that enables change rapidly by enforcing all transformation enablers, providing value path focus, and just as importantly, by increasing the planning and implementation cycle frequency. Simply put, this is the process of frequent review of the plan and the implementation progress.

The Alpha Executive Board’s® mission is measured by the collective success of all the team members and the entire business team as a whole.