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Founded in 1998, Metro Chicago-based JVA Partners is an operationally focused private investment firm. We create value by investing in human talent, technology, innovation, and operational excellence in middle-market manufacturing and technology companies.

Your Partner

We believe strong thought leadership, broad strategic thinking, focused management oversight, and executional skill development are required for maximum financial returns. As a result, we offer much more than capital. Our partners and associates have deep senior executive management experience and specialized skills which we bring to our portfolio companies.

Integrity and Confidentiality

We operate with integrity and the utmost privacy and confidentiality to ensure a smooth operating transition while preventing exposure of the business to its industry peers and competitors.

JVA Innovation and IP

JVA and its holdings have extensive, demonstrated experience and achievements in innovation that span BPR Business Process Reengineering (BPR) enablers, including the development and design of unique products and technologies. We hold dozens of utility patents and hundreds of design patents.

Our business methods and practices also aim at protecting our proprietary information and trade secrets and those of our customers and clients. Our standard confidentiality practices include NDAs with all related vendors, suppliers, and service providers. As importantly, we have a demonstrated track record of supporting and enforcing IP violations to the fullest extent of the law.

The JVA Difference

  • JVA has no time limitations on its investment horizon
  • Substantial operational and transactional experience for middle-market business
  • Innovation, with ability to rapidly deploy resources around new product development
  • Investment approach is relationship-oriented
  • Operating plan is built around management development and teamwork that creates long lasting value
  • An outstanding track record: annual IRR in excess of 100% since 1998

Operating Values

  • Long-term growth with opportunities for all stakeholders – customers,
    employees, and strategic partners
  • Customer-focused strategic relationships –working with customers and suppliers to create significant synergies
  • Operational excellence – being the best at how we think, plan, and execute
  • Innovation and best practices – from new products services to new
    business models
  • Development of human resources as a strategic asset – people and teams make the ultimate competitive difference
  • Recognition of employee performance – incentives and rewards consistent with results


JVA Partners was founded on the belief that any person can accomplish his or her goals by being the best at what they do. This belief led our founder, John Veleris, through his own personal journey towards the American dream and his passion for engineering and manufacturing products that enhance people’s lives. Our success as a group of mid-market manufacturing companies stems from our essential beliefs about how we operate our business and about how we conduct ourselves. These values define our business culture and guide our everyday behavior. As a group, we aspire to accomplish great things and to create a new future in which we are recognized as market leaders. We seek to attract and retain top talent who share our culture. In doing so, we will continue to achieve exceptional results.

Cultural Values

  • Our team members are our most valuable assets and we are a team, and we depend on one another
  • Team members need to think through constantly changing environments to determine the best solution to problems and customer needs
  • We expect our team members to display integrity by doing what is right, both legally and morally
  • All team members are encouraged to be open and to express themselves through a free flow exchange of ideas and are invited to give feedback
  • Team members will hold themselves and each other responsible, accountable and deliver excellence
  • Treat others with the utmost respect, no matter their race, age, religion, ethnicity, economic circumstance, sexual orientation, or gender to create an environment where all people are valued

We believe that jobs are no longer skill-driven only; they are also talent-driven. Therefore, fitting an individual to the right job becomes more important than ever before. Individuals with certain intrinsic talents and passions will be more capable, competent, engaged, results-focused and productive in the right job. When a person is matched to the right job, the individual enjoys coming to work, loves doing what they do, and the organization serves its customers better.

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